“Lagoona” - Theodore, QLD

For private sale - $5.9 Million

2000ML allocation with water harvesting licenses

2,997 acres Freehold

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“Lagoona” comprises 2,997 acres (1,213 ha) of Freehold and features 988 acres (400 ha) of furrow irrigation and 494 acres (200ha) of dryland farming fronting the eastern side of the Dawson River south of Theodore on the Cracow Road. The property has been in the Moore Family for over 47 years. It was originally developed by Brothers Vince and Laurie Moore to take advantage of one of the first irrigation schemes in Queensland…The Dawson Valley Water Supply Scheme.

In this vicinity, the scheme is underpinned by the Glebe, Gyranda, Orange Creek and Theodore Weirs.

The sale of Lagoona features a 2,000 ML allocation of “medium priority” water that can be extracted straight from the river subject to water sharing rules under the current ROP. This is a very “high value” allocation. Of note is that the average weighted sale of medium priority water in the Dawson Valley area for 2013 /14 indicates $1,310 / ML. This alone represents over $2,620,000 in tradeable value included in the sale.

In addition the property features 3 flood harvesting licenses with a total lift capacity of 1,785 litres / second. These particular licenses are considered high value “low flow” meaning they can be used when the Dawson River is flooding at a rate of only 1,296 ML passing flow per day.

There is 2,200ML of on-farm storage.

LagoonaCurrently water allocations can be fully traded on the open market, whereas flood harvesting licenses within this scheme must remain attached to the land. However this situation is about to change with the introduction of the new Fitzroy Resource Operation Draft Plan (ROP) of Oct 2013 which will authorise conversions of current Flood Harvesting licenses to allocations which will attract full trading rights amongst the various zones. Ratification of this ROP is expected to take place later in the year with, in theory, no further changes, and subject to Qld Parliament Legislation.

“Lagoona” has a good complement of buildings and other infrastructure with 4 staff residences and a large machinery shed and work shop.

The main lift pump on the Dawson River is a 17 inch Bates Screw pump located on 3 phase mains power. There are also numerous lift pumps, channels, head ditches and tail water drains throughout the farm. The property is well laid out and a high cash flow earner.

Soils in this location are outstanding in every respect; deep rich well drained Brigalow types highly suited to both irrigation and dryland farming.

Cropping highlights include:-

The property also has a carrying capacity of 160 backgrounders to fatten on over 1,000 acres of fully developed buffel including 150 acres (60ha) of established Leaceana.

“Lagoona” is to be offered at auction at 11.00am Monday 3rd November 2014 at the Theodore Hotel, Theodore, Central Qld.


LagoonaLocated 30 km east of Theodore on the Cracow Road.

Area and Tenure

2,997 acres (1,213 ha) of Freehold Tenure described as Lot 7 on Survey Plan 265300, Parish of Coteeda.



Farming (Irrigated and Dryland)

Pasture Development

LagoonaWater Harvesting Licenses under the Fitzroy Basin Draft Resource Operations Plan (pending ratification by the Qld Parliament) as follows:-


The following licenses will convert to an Allocation Number which will be able to be searched at the Qld Land Titles Office once the new Fitzroy Basin Draft Resource Operations Plan of October 2013 is ratified by Qld Government Legislation which is expected to happen later this year. Once this happens the new water harvest allocations will be able to be sold and transferred between various sections of the Dawson River.

Allocation No Location Nominal volume ML / water year Annual Volumetric Limit ML/water Year Max rates (l/s) Daily Volumetric Limit (ML / calendar day Flow Condition Converting authorisation
1070 Dawson J 315 432 275 21.6 1,296 ML/day passing flow 103974
1072 Dawson J 117 160 110 8 1,296 ML/day passing flow 48325S
1074 Dawson J 765 1048 1400 52.4 1,296 ML/day passing flow 40147S

LagoonaNotes on Water Harvesting Licenses

  1. Combined flood harvest capacity of 1,785 litres per second.
  2. Historically 1,000ML is harvested each year on “Lagoona” due to pumping capacity limitations.
  3. There is an estimated unused pumping capacity of 733 litres / second which could be brought into production with the installation of a second lift pump.

Notes on Storage at Lagoona

  1. Total established capacity 2,200 ML.
  2. There is scope for expansion of both the furrow irrigation area and pumping capacity on the river.
  3. Some opportunity capture of overland flow occurs from time to time with an estimated extra 300ML harvested annually.

Water Allocation


  1. This allocation can be sold and transferred within various sections of the Dawson River as noted in the Jan 2004 Fitzroy Basin Resource Operations Plan (Amended December 2013).
  2. This allocation has a searchable title available at the Qld Government Titles Office.
  3. Carry-over water is allowed to be stored on the property.
  4. The Fitzroy / ROP describes further “carry-over” rules.
  5. This allocation attracts a:-
    • Part A charge (for 2014) of $15.94 / ML per annum, and a
    • Part B Useage charge (for 2014) of $1.78 / ML for that year.
Water allocation Number Location Purpose Nominal volume ML/water year Priority Comments
Lot 720 on AP6829 Dawson J Agriculture 2,000 Medium Fully tradeable

Other Irrigation Licenses

Ref Authorised activity Authorised purpose Description of Land Comments
51430S Interfering with the flow of water in the Dawson river Impounding water Lot 7 on SP 265300 The dam that this license refers is obsolete.
41184S The taking of watercourse water from the Dawson River Anabranch with point of take on or adjacent to Lot 7 on SP265300 Irrigation Lot 7 on SP 265300 Maximum area to be irrigated 300 ha (741 acres.

Irrigation equipment

LagoonaMain Lift Pump on the Dawson River

Other Pumps


Stock and Domestic Supply

Lagoona1 x 2 inch mono pump on 3 phase electric motor pumping to 2 x 20,000 gallon tanks at the homestead complex.


Main Complex

There are 3 modern residences and one cottage on the farm.

Main Homestead

As new modern homestead built in 2004. Colonial style 3 bedroom residence with wide veranda and high pitched roof set in attractive lawns and gardens.

Special features include:

The adjacent 4 large bird cages are included in the sale.

Second Homestead

Modern 4 bedroom homestead set attractive lawns and gardens.

Special features include:


Third Homestead

Modern 3 bedroom homestead set attractive lawns and gardens.

Special features include:


Machinery / Workshop Shed (previously a bulk grain shed)

Main Machinery Shed

LagoonaStorage Shed

Grain Storage

Fuel Storage included in sale

LagoonaChemical Shed

Paddocks and Waters

“Lagoona” is exceptionally well watered for stock from the lagoon below the main house complex. There is a 2 inch Mono on 3 phase mains power supplying 2 x 20,000 gallon tanks on the hill behind the homestead complex.

“Lagoona” is fenced into 4 main paddocks comprising:-

LagoonaFront Paddock

Hill Paddock

Round concrete trough supplied from main house tank.

Lagoon Paddock

Direct stock access to lagoon.

Milker Paddock

LagoonaCarrying capacity

An estimated safe carrying capacity of 160 adult equivalents.


The estimated annual average rainfall for this district is 28 inches per year.



“Lagoona is a well-established irrigation farm only 30 km south of Theodore. There is strong growth potential to increase the irrigated area if another pump site was developed to take advantage of the spare flood harvesting capacity. Several feedlots in the area are major grain purchasers throughout the year.