“Garfield” - Jericho, QLD

Auction 11.00am Wednesday 2nd July 2014 at the Gracemere Saleyard Rockhampton

52,138 acres of Pastoral Holding Tenure

Over 13 inches of rain in the last few months, beautifully watered & fenced, 2 bores on mains power, big steel yards!

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Garfield“Garfield” is a primarily a large breeding property run in conjunction with “Hollywood” and adjacent to the fattening and backgrounding areas of Central Queensland.

The property features a 20 inch average rainfall with predominantly quick responding red soils to the east and strong well developed Brigalow buffel country to the western parts. The property has traditionally supplied steers for fattening on “Hollywood”.

“Garfield” has been in the Ferguson family ownership since 1937. The Vendors are retiring from the industry. This is a genuine sale and presents an excellent opportunity to secure a well-developed first class breeding operation in a rising cattle and property market.

“Garfield” is a well improved low cost operation and produces strong calving figures. The property features:-

  • A modern brick homestead set in well-established lawns and gardens.
  • An estimated carrying capacity of 1,955 adult equivalents allowing for fresh paddocks and rotational grazing.
  • Two deep submersible equipped bores, both on rural power, which can water the whole property, without the dams, if required.
  • 4 equipped dams, 6 open water dams, 8 tanks and 27 troughs.
  • Every paddock has at least one totally permanent water tank and trough supplied from a bore.
  • 14,533 acres of pulled country sown to buffel.

“Garfield” will be offered on a “walk in walk out” basis with 866 breeders (percentage with calves),39 bulls, 232 No3 Heifers, 183 No3 Steers, 389 Weaners, plant and equipment including a John Deere grader, Hino body truck 1981, a 2010 Diesel Land Cruiser and a Kawasaki Loader...

  • If not sold, the property will be immediately re-offered bare of stock and plant.
  • The Vendors will give a count on the second round muster which can be tied in with the settlement date.
  • There will be an “unders and overs” clause in the sale contract.
  • The sale of Garfield is contingent on the sale of “Hollywood” at the Vendor’s absolute discretion


  • Located 42 km north of Jericho on the Texas Road running north from Jericho.
  • All-weather main access roads fully maintained by the Barcaldine Regional Council.

Area and Tenure

52,138 acres (21,100 ha) of Pastoral Holding Tenure described as Lot 11 on Crown Plan CNA95 Parish Garfield. Lease current until 2038.


Currently combined with “Hollywood” and an estimation only. The correct rates will be assessed by the local council after settlement.

  • Barcaldine Regional Council.
  • Estimated at 38% of rates account in annexures which equates to $2,323 per half year with the discount.

Seasonal Conditions

Seasonal conditions are first class with over 13 inches of rain this year.


  • GarfieldA well balanced mix of Gidyea, Brigalow, Ironbark and Box in the better areas.
  • Lesser areas of spinifex and other natural grasses to the eastern parts.

Pasture Development

Approximately 14,533 acres has been pulled and sown to buffel. There is a big body of feed across the whole property.


Main Station Complex


Modern brick homestead set attractive lawns and gardens surrounded by a perimeter fence.

Special features include:

  • GarfieldWide open verandas on all sides.
  • Commercial sealed cork floors with tiled areas in the bathrooms.
  • Ensuite bathroom and walk-in dressing room off the main bedroom.
  • 4 other bedrooms.
  • Separate main bathroom.
  • Office with built cupboards.
  • Separate laundry.
  • Walk-in pantry / store room with shelving.
  • Stylish kitchen with Tasmanian Oak cupboards and gas cook top and oven, and breakfast bench.
  • Lounge and dining room.
  • Walk–in cold room in the kitchen included in the sale.
  • Ceiling fans throughout.
  • Modern split system reverse cycle air-conditioning in the lounge.

GarfieldThe claw foot bath and kitchen table are specifically excluded as are all chattels not listed in the plant and equipment list.

Separate School Room Building

Air-conditioned with ceiling fan.

Homestead and Shed Complex Water Supply

  • Reliable domestic supply from the Bird Cage Bore.
  • Fully equipped with electric submersible located in East Birdcage Paddock.
  • Pumps to 2 adjacent 10,000 gallon poly tanks and numerous troughs plus a 5,000 gallon tank on a high stand at the homestead.
  • 2 x 1,000 gallon new steel rain water tanks on the homestead.

The high tank at the station complex also supplies:-

  • House paddock.
  • Station drafting yard.
  • Weaner paddocks.
  • Various troughs around the homestead complex.
  • Backup supply to Telephone Dam, Bismark Dam, Rosedale, Shed, Little Windmill, Muster, and Horse Paddocks.

GarfieldFour Bay Colorbond Carport

  • Modern 9m x 6 m lock-up car port.
  • 2 roller doors.
  • Fully concreted.

Manager’s Cottage

  • Older colonial type cottage on steel stumps with timber floors comprising 2 bedrooms with both front and rear sleep outs closed and in forming the kitchen and dining room.
  • Gas stove and oven, and electric hot water.
  • Reverse cycle split system air conditioning.
  • Set in established lawns gardens.
  • Sound condition.
  • Currently used by Assistant Manager.

Machinery Shed

  • 50ft x 30ft x 5 bay workshop and storage shed.
  • 3 bays are fully concreted.
  • Power, water and lights connected.
  • Several storage rooms including workshop, saddle, mill, oil, and feed rooms and a closed garage.

Truck Shed

  • Garfield36ft x 36ft x 3 bay truck shed.
  • Earth floor.
  • Mezzanine storage at one end.

Generator Shed

  • 9 kva portable generator.
  • 5.5 kva generator.

Other Station Complex Amenities

  • Tennis court.
  • Well maintained.

Paddocks and Waters

“Garfield” is exceptionally well watered by 2 fully equipped bores connected to mains rural power, numerous dams, tanks and troughs as follows :-

For more details on all bores refer to annexures in this document.

Bird Cage Bore (Located in East Birdcage Paddock - previously noted as part of homestead supply above)

  • Drilled and cased in 1998 by Depco Drilling.
  • Depth 480 ft, cased to 455ft.
  • Standing water level 87ft.
  • Airlift tested capacity at over 10,000 gallons per hour.
  • Grundfos submersible pump to overhead poly tank at station complex, 2 x 10,000 gallon black poly tanks adjacent to the bore connected to tanks and troughs in Little Bird Cage, East Bird Cage, West Bird Cage, Big Windmill and Bushells Dam and Easton’s Paddocks.

An excellent deep bore that can run 7/ 24 if required.

No 4 Bore (located in No 4 Paddock)

  • Drilled and cased in 1910.
  • GarfieldDepth 350 ft.
  • Standing water level 180ft.
  • Rural power connected (July 2000) to Grundfos submersible supplying 600 gph to adjacent 10,000 gallon tank.
  • 17 ft Southern Cross mill not currently used.
  • Gravity feeds from above tank 2.9 km to a 3,000 gallon tank in Middle Creek Paddock, 3.2 km to Grasstree Dam and 3.2 km to No 3 Dam (pipe installed 2002).

Good supply of fair water.


  • Laneway from Hollywood boundary in Little Bird Cage for approximately 5 km back to the holding paddock at the homestead.
  • Laneway from East Bird Cage, West bird Cage cooler for 3.2km to Bird Cage Holding paddock.
  • 3 km lane way across the bottom of East Bird Cage paddock.
  • 3 km laneway from Bushells Dam down to Hollywood Drafting Yards

Drafting Yards

GarfieldMain Drafting yards

  • Located at station complex.
  • Modern steel yard with weaning yards.
  • Large “new” cooler built in 2014.
  • CIA vet crush.
  • Calf branding race with Morrissey calf branding cradle.
  • Under cover branding area.
  • 4 way drafting pound.
  • Well-constructed loading ramp with road train access.
  • Drafting capacity of 600 to 800 breeders.
  • Hay shed adjacent to yard with unused hay included at settlement
  • Water in yard.
  • Adjacent weaning yards and coolers with 2 heavy duty hay feeders.

No 3 Drafting Yard (Towers Engineering Heavy Duty Panels)

  • Portable steel yard located at No 3 Dam.
  • Loading ramp.
  • Handles 300 to 400 breeders.
  • Adjacent holding paddock.
  • Water in adjacent cooler.
  • Sprinkler system throughout yard.
  • Calf branding race with “Morrissey” cradle alternated between main station yard.
  • 5 way draft with crow’s nest.

Paddocks & Waters

“Garfield” is fenced into 10 main paddocks, and 9 mustering/ holding paddocks. The main paddocks comprise:-

No 3 Paddock

  • 1 x concrete trough in mustering cooler supplied from 2 tanks on No 3 dam.
  • Windmill servicing above tank and back pipeline from No 4 bore.
  • Access to Doyle dam, open water.

No 4 Paddock

  • Trough off 10,000 gallon poly tank at No 4 bore.
  • Pipe line to poly tank and steel trough at Grass Tree Dam

Middle Creek Paddock

  • Steel trough at No 3 Dam.
  • Concrete trough and tank serviced by pipe line from No 4 Bore.

Road Paddock

  • Concrete trough at No 3 Dam cooler
  • Concrete trough at 2 mile dam

East Birdcage Paddock

2 x concrete troughs supplied from pipeline off Black Tank at Bird Cage Bore

West Birdcage Paddock

  • 1 x concrete trough supplied off Pipeline from Bird Cage Bore Tanks
  • Access to Sue's dam open water.

Little Birdcage Paddock

To be cut off Alice Bore Pipeline and reconnected to Bird Cage Bore pipeline at Purchaser’s expense to existing:-

  • 2,000 gallon poly tank and 2 x concrete troughs at Bird Cage Holding paddock and Bird Cage paddock.
  • A 1,000 gallon poly tank and concrete trough already exists on this pipeline from Bird Cage Bore.

Estimated 2 km of pipe line would need to be put in by the Purchaser..

Big Windmill Paddock

  • Telephone Dam with Mill
  • Concrete Trough and 5,000 gallon poly tank on Telephone dam fills from above mill or via pipeline from overhead tank at homestead.
  • Concrete trough off 5,000 gallon fibreglass tank supplied from adjacent mill on Bushells Dam and also connected to Bird Cage bore tank.
  • Trough on pipeline from Little Bird Cage paddock.

Bismark Paddock.

  • Dam x 6,000 yard (open water dam)
  • Concrete trough off pipeline from overhead tank at homestead
  • Concrete trough off tank at Telephone dam.

Rosedale Paddock

  • 1 x open dam x 8,000 yards in centre of paddock
  • 1 x open dam 4,000 yards in centre paddock to the north.
  • 1 x concrete trough feeding off a 5,000 gallon tank and mill at 2 Mile dam.
  • 1 steel trough and 2,000 gallon poly tank supplied from overhead tank at Homestead.

Horse Paddock

  • Troughs off overhead homestead tank at dam.
  • 6,000 yard dam.

Muster Paddock

  • Concrete tank off tank at 2 mile dam.
  • 1 steel trough off the same 2,000 gallon poly tank (as described above) supplied from overhead tank at Homestead.

Shed Paddock

Concrete trough and 1,000 poly gallon tank off the overhead tank at Homestead.

Little Windmill Paddock

  • Concrete trough off overhead tank at Homestead.
  • Concrete trough off another 2,000 gallon poly tank from overhead tank at Homestead.

No 3 Holding Paddock

Concrete trough the 2 x 5,000 gallon tank at No 3 Dam.

Easton’s Paddock

Concrete trough off 1,000 gallon poly tank supplied from Bird Cage bore tank pipeline.

Carrying capacity

  • An estimated safe carrying capacity of 1,955 adult equivalents.
  • The current break up is the annexures to this document.
  • Of note is that a second round muster is not due until mid-year so a substantial number of calves are yet to be branded.


The estimated annual average rainfall for this district is 20 inches per year.


  • Alpha and Barcaldine feature active sporting and race clubs.
  • Major commercial centres in Emerald and Rockhampton. These towns feature all the major banks, several large shopping complexes, numerous dealerships and small businesses. Daily air services to Brisbane. Numerous private schools and CQ University. New Woolworths and Coles shopping complexes at Emerald.
  • Rural power.
  • Telephone connected to both main homestead; high speed wireless internet.
  • Hand held mobile coverage across the whole property.
  • 2 mail deliveries a week.
  • Three major abattoirs in this area being AMH and Teys Brothers in Rockhampton and Teys Brothers in Biloela. Borthwicks and Dinmore.
  • Barcaldine has Qantas Link air services 3 times per week
  • Major sale yards throughout the area include Emerald, Blackall and Longreach.


“Garfield” is well improved and a very easy property to muster. The homestead is above average. The property is safely watered for all seasons. This is a well-established breeding operation with mustering rounds able to be completed, on average, within a 10 day time frame.

Special conditions

  1. The property is offered with an extensive plant inventory including a John Deere grader, Hino body truck 1981, a 2010 Diesel Land Cruiser and a Kawasaki Loader..
  2. A full list of the plant and equipment is available in the annexures to this Information Memorandum.
  3. There will be an “unders and overs” clause in the sale contract at $500 per head. (refer to sale contract).
  4. A delivery count will be given before settlement.
  5. The sale of Garfield is contingent on the sale of Hollywood at the Vendor’s absolute discretion. Refer to sale contract.


The claw foot bath and kitchen table are specifically excluded as are all chattels not listed in the plant and equipment list.

Plant List

Garfield Plant as at 8th May 2014

  • 2010 Toyota land cruiser Ute - registered
  • 1981 8 Ton Hino Truck with stock crate – registered
  • 2003 Triton Ute – unregistered
  • 1992 Suzuki 4WD – unregistered
  • 1978 Deutz Tractor with Munro hydraulic digger/driver
  • 1985 John Deer 770A Grader
  • 1983 Kawasaki Loader with Quick Hitch
  • TED Ferguson Tractor with slasher
  • 9 KVA Portable Generator
  • 5.5 KVA Honda Generator
  • WIA 215 MIG Welder
  • 225 Lincoln Weldenpower
  • 3 x 1 1/2 Honda pumps
  • 1 Yamaha 4 wheeler
  • 1 Honda 250 motorbike
  • 1 Husqvarna ride-on mower
  • 2 Honda domestic mowers
  • 2 spare Grundfos submersible pumps
  • Assorted tools
  • 2x Honda Firefighters
  • Heavy duty farm trailer with horse crate unregistered.

Stock Numbers

Class Number Comments
Breeders 866 Some with unbranded calves at foot due to be branded on second round.
Weaners 389
No 2 steers
No 3 steers 183
No 3
No3 Heifers 232
Sires 39
Total 1,709